The prices bellow are approximations and will change.


Those who signed up in time will get food Friday evening, Saturday morning/midday/evening, and Sunday morning/midday for an extra €20.00. If you make your own food, be warned that there may be limits on the use of open fire if the area is dry.


Bunk beds will be available for reservation against a fee. The site provides pillows and blankets, but not beddings. If you can’t bring your own beddings, they have a few available for rent at €5 per night. Do not use sleeping bags in the beds.

There is also plenty of space available to put up tents - we may be able to arrange spare tents for visitors from far away.

Saturday-only participation

If you just want to join us for the main battles Saturday, that is possible for €10.00, no food included.


Transportation to and from Munich will be done as ride-sharing.

Fighting equipment

If you can’t bring your own Belegarth-legal fighting equipment, weapons and some shields will be available for use, against a deposit. This equipment will also be available to buy at the end of the event, should you want to continue fighting in your home area. Most LARP weapons are not Belegarth-legal.