We follow the Belegarth rules with the following exceptions:

  • Limbs disabled by stabbing weapons work like limbs disabled by hacking weapons.

For Americans

Remember that hardly anybody from this side of the Atlantic has experienced Belegarth in the US. Things that seem obvious to you may be unknown here. Use this opportunity to show people just how great Belegarth can be in all ways.

For Finns

Belegarth is fairly similar to Sotahuuto, but there are important differences:

  • There is a minimum hit strength.
  • No head hits are allowed.
  • Hands holding weapons and feet on the ground do not count as targets.
  • Losing any two limbs causes death.
  • If you have lost a leg, you must kneel (though you can be aided to walk closer to combat).
  • Basic grappling, simple shield bashing, and shield kicking is allowed (but be careful when doing any of these).
  • Two-handed (“red”) weapons when used with two hands can destroy a shield with two hits.
  • Stabbing with one hand cannot penetrate armor, stabbing with two hands ignores armor.

Some of your equipment can be used (subject to weapons check like all weapons):

  • Your arrows are fine, our maximum draw strength is 35# at 28” (half draw within 6 meters).
  • Your javelins are fine. In fact, they’re better than most Belegarth ones.
  • Your spears and flails should work if striking surfaces are covered with fabric.
  • Your armor may or may not pass. Leather armor has to be at least 4.75mm thick total.

Your swords, halberds, and glaives will most likely not be accepted.

For LARPers

This is not your normal LARP, this is a battle! The focus is on the fight, but you are welcome to add a touch of drama by playing a certain character, dying dramatically, etc - the roleplay just doesn’t have any rules effect.

In particular:

  • This is full-speed, full force combat. Don’t pose your swings.
  • There is a minimum hit strength. Light touches, little scratches etc. will not count.
  • Do not call people dead.
  • LARP weapons generally will not be accepted in combat.
  • Armor requirements are somewhat higher.
  • Garb with pointed or jagged parts may be considered unsafe.