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The Jugendhaus Kugelbach is located in the Bayerischer Wald, an area of rolling hills and scattered forests about 2 hours’ drive north of Munich. It lies close to the B85 road between Cham and Regen, making it easy to reach by car.

The fighting field, north of the entry road, measures about 50 by 60 meters. Between the road and the houses is a slope, not useful for fighting. At the bottom of the slope, across the parking lot, is the tent area, along the Kugelbach stream.


The northern house, the Schlafhaus, contains the bunk bed rooms, the southern house and surrounding garden is the private area of the owners, and contains also the kitchen and group room.

The Schlafhaus contains seven rooms: four rooms with five beds each on the upper level, and on the lower level one room with four beds and two rooms with double-beds. There are four half-baths on the upper level and one on the lower floor, plus a double shower.

The 4 Sommerhütten provide 4 beds each, plus a separate building with showers and toilettes.

At the southern end of the tent area there is a tavern, in which we will feast in the evening. Beer from a local brewery is available at a very reasonable price.

There is a separate area for having a bonfire. Depending on the weather conditions, additional camp fires may or may not be allowed.